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We are a leading manufacturer of tobacco pipes and smoking pipe accessories, our factory which has been producing high quality products for over 20 years. and are exported to many countries around the world.
We have our own production line and raw material processing center. and We have a professional pipe craftsman with rich experience in this industry.so we can provide you with customized smoking pipe according to your requirements. Compared with some american tobacco pipe manufacturers and german tobacco pipe manufacturer, our tobacco pipe factory are popular among customers worldwide.
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A tobacco pipe manufacturer is a company that creates and produces tobacco pipes. Tobacco pipe manufacturers may also be referred to as pipe makers, pipe companies or simply pipe makers. There are many tobacco pipe makers in the United States, but they are not all equal. Some companies specialize in making high-quality handcrafted pipes, while others produce mass-produced items that are less expensive but still functional and attractive.

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We have an extensive collection of smoking accessories that includes pipe filters, smoking pipe, cigar mouthpiece, pipe mug, Pipe Stand, Cigar Jar etc. We have more than 1500 employees, with a total area of 2000 square meters. We are mainly engaged in producing and selling various kinds of smoking accessories for both wholesale and retail customers.You can search for us on Google or Amazon

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