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Our handmade briar pipes are made of the finest quality briar. We use only the highest grade of briar,  The rich colors and grains of the Briar Wood make each pipe a unique work of art. which is kiln-dried and aged to perfection. 
Our pipes are expertly carved and finished, giving you a pipe that is not only beautiful to look at but also provides a great smoking experience.
Besides, Our briar pipes are available in a variety of styles, including Italian Briar Pipes and Vintage Style Briar Pipes. And pipe shapes has briar churchwarden pipe, briar Apple pipe, briar bent pipe, briar bent rhodesian pipe, briar straight rhodesian pipe, briar cherrywood pipe, briar vest pocket pipe, full bent briar pipe, long stem briar pipe, there are so many styles for you to choose, here you can online buy the Briar Pipes you want,Even if you want wholesale briar pipes, you can contact us by mail
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Our small briar pipes are made of the finest quality briar, and are completely handmade, and the price of our small briar pipes is very cheap, Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced smoker, our small briar pipes are perfect for

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We use the briar pipe material!

As a briar pipe maker, our Briarwood blanks are a popular material for pipe making. They are favored because they are strong, yet lightweight, and have a natural resistance to fire and decay. Briarwood from which we make Briar pipe is sourced from the Erica arborea bush, which is found in the Mediterranean region. The briarwood blanks are cut from the root of the bush, and the best quality blanks come from the youngest roots.