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Our xiaoxiong company was founded in 1980 and has been producing high-end smoking pipes for customers in more than 110 countries. Our pipe production process is quite complex and time-consuming, which makes us stick to our principles of quality, craftsmanship, as well as people.
Nowadays, we have many loyal customers who share our passion for high-quality smoking pipes. We put our effort into quality products, excellent customer services, and pursuing excellence to provide you with an unforgettable life experience.Our target market is worldwide, including Europe, America and Asia. We have a group of professional sales team to supply our products to our customers with the excellent service.

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High quality wood

We use high-quality wood to produce our smoking pipes but we still insist on making them by hand as this enhances their quality and durability. Our pipes have always been made from a natural, high quality, We make sure that our craftsmanship, which includes every single detail in making our beautiful smoking pipe, is of fine quality, as well as durable.

For our clients

Our products sell well all over the world with its high-class product quality and good corporate reputation in the industry. We also offer customized service. We welcome businessmen, gift companies, import and export company from all over the world to come visit us. In the increasingly fiercer market like battlefield today, with our low modest price and excellent service, we welcome the domestic and foreign new and old customers to sample customized processing. Our management aim is “quality first, integrity-based, considerate service”.

Craftsman Spirit

Our innovative spirit is what drives our tobacco pipe artisans to create new and unique tobacco pipe designs. And Our craftsmen have the practical experience and technical know-bqiehow to create an elegant, comfortable smoking pipe. Our craftsmen consider every detail that gives tobacco pipes unique shapes, styles, textures and finishes. That’s why our muxiang pipe brand is so popular around the world,

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MUXIANG pipe brand specializes in providing the finest smoking pipe for you. Our company offers a personalized service. If you have any questions about your purchase, please feel free to email us at jesse@xiaoxiongcrafts.com