A Beginner’s Guide to the Calabash Pipe

What Is A Calabash Pipe?

With its unusual shape and lengthy history, the calabash pipe has long captured the interest of collectors and pipe lovers. This famous smoking tool, distinguished from other tobacco pipes by its curving stem and bulbous gourd bowl, has a certain mysticism. Its distinctive style gives it visual appeal and offers a cool, comfortable smoking experience. This facilitates holding the pipe while smoking and cleaning away any ash or tobacco crumbs that may accumulate inside the pipe after use.

Most excitingly, Smoking becomes smoother and gentler due to the smoke cooling off before it reaches the smoker’s mouth, thanks to the long stem’s capacity as a cooling chamber.

Calabash pipes gained significant popularity and recognition due to their association with the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. In the stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes is often depicted smoking a calabash pipe, which further contributed to its iconic status in popular culture.

The Top 5 Calabash Pipe Brands You Need to Know About

The calabash pipe furthered its iconic stature in popular culture since Sherlock Holmes is frequently shown smoking one in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales.

Your Guide to the Top 5 Calabash Pipe BrandsTo produce a truly outstanding item, expert artists must use these special smoking instruments, which are distinguished by their characteristic gourd-shaped bowls and meerschaum or briar inlays.

Here are five Calabash pipe companies known for their outstanding craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.


A lovely selection of calabash pipes that mix cost and excellent quality are available from the well-known Italian pipe brand Rossi. The magnificent Rossi Calabash Pipe is one of their most well-known designs. Because of their variety, I highly suggest this brand of pipes. The variety of gourd pipes available to me gives me options, and their generously sized chambers enable enough tobacco packing, resulting in a smooth, pleasurable smoke that doesn’t overheat or burn too rapidly.

The best part is that Rossi calabash pipes give users a range of alternatives, including straight and bent models as well as distinctive shapes like conical bowls and long stems. These pipes are available in a variety of finishes, such as polished alternatives as well as organic dark browns and black stains. I advise you to look at all of their new pipes because, in my opinion, they are all crafted to absolute perfection.


Savinelli is another popular Italian pipe brand that includes calabash pipes in its lineup, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship and design. The company has been making pipes since 1876 and was one of the first companies to begin making briar-based smoking pipes out of Italy. They offer a wide variety of styles, but they are especially well known for their shapely bent pipes with high bowls and long shanks, including many different styles of calabashes. Compared to Chacom’s, I think Savinelli’s gourd pipes are more beautifully designed.


Chacom is a French pipe brand that has been producing handcrafted tobacco pipes since 1875. Their range of calabash pipes combines traditional techniques with modern design elements and is made in the heart of France’s Auvergne region. Chacom offers a diverse selection of calabash pipes made from briar wood, as well as materials like meerschaum and porcelain.Though they are far inferior in both design and material to Savinelli and
Peterson. But the advantage is that they are cheap, so if you’re on a budget I think they’re a good choice for you.


Peterson is an Irish pipe brand with a long history of crafting premium smoking pipes, including calabash pipeThe iconic detective’s portrayal in various films and novels often featured him smoking a calabash pipe, which further enhanced its popularity. The calabash pipe’s popularity continued to grow throughout the 20th century, with many enthusiasts appreciating its smooth smoke and elegant aesthetic.

The Peterson calabash has several finishes, including smooth, sandblast, rustic, honey and olive finish. All Peterson’s Calabash pipes feature a bent stem with a saddle bit mouthpiece and are handcrafted in Ireland by master pipe makers using only the finest quality briar wood.


MUXIANG is a very popular pipe brand in Europe and their line of calabash pipes are no exception to this rule. They offer several designs for both casual smokers as well as connoisseurs who want something more sophisticated than your average pipe shape.

The MUXIANG Company makes many different kinds of pipe shapes, but the calabash is one of their most popular options. This style has a large bowl and stems that curve down into the shank, creating an elegant look that’s unique to this brand. The best part about calabashes is that they’re great for both beginners and experienced smokers alike because they have such a large capacity for tobacco

3 Best Calabash Pipes of 2023 (For Sale Online)

Savinelli Autograph Pipes

Savinelli Autograph Pipes are a very unique, high-grade pipeline. The Autograph series features several different shapes and finishes that are available in both smooth and rusticated finishes. The Autograph also features Savinelli’s signature ring shank, which gives the pipe strength and support while also providing a unique look that is unmistakably Savinelli.

The Savinelli Autograph Calabash pipe has a distinctive shape and a beautiful appearance. It has an extended bowl that expands out again at the bottom after tapering down to the shank.

Like a conventional calabash, the mouthpiece is curved, but instead of being straight across at the top, it curves downward at each end before bending back up just before it joins the shank. By simply rotating your stem until you find the angle that works best for you, you can still easily access your tobacco and maintain airflow through your stem while creating an attractive appearance from above or below. These pipes are offered in a variety of finishes, including Natural Briar (this is my favorite color I highly recommend this color, if you want to buy these Savinelli Autograph Pipes.) and Rustic Brown.

srv Premium – Natural Gourd Calabash Meerschaum Pipe with case

The Natural Gourd Calabash Meerschaum Pipe is hand carved by Master Craftsman Korkut Ozturk in Izmir, Turkey, and features his signature vizier stem design.

Meerschaum pipes are made from the finest quality block meerschaum, which is soft and white in color. The raw materials are mined from deposits on the Kargapazar plateau in Western Turkey near Eskisehir. This is a beautiful, high-quality meerschaum pipe. It has a hand-carved natural gourd calabash bowl. The stem and bowl are hand carved from solid meerschaum. The pipe itself is very light and porous, which allows it to absorb the tobacco’s flavor and smoke, giving it a truly unique taste.


MXUAING Classic Sherlock Holmes Calabash pipe

This MXUAING Classic Sherlock Holmes Calabash pipe is an outstanding masterpiece of the well-known pipe brand MUXIANG, It features a beautiful Calabash design that makes it an extraordinary piece to add to your collection while the pipe surfaces are carefully crafted, showcasing a high level of craftsmanship.

This handmade pipe is crafted from high-quality briar wood imported from Italy. The surface of the pipe is dyed a beautiful dark brown, giving it a vintage feel. Additionally, an ivory ring around the mouthpiece and a black acrylic stem add elegance to the overall design.

The Calabash pipe’s distinctive form enables the smoke to naturally cool before inhalation, making smoking smoother and more pleasurable. Additionally, the curved stem offers an ergonomic grip for convenience and comfort.

Ok, we introduce so many exquisite Calabash pipes to you, I think you can always find the pipe you like, but after purchasing the pipe, we still need to maintain it. Next, I will explain how to maintain the Calabash pipe.

How To Properly Care For A Calabash Pipe

A calabash pipe must be properly cared for to last a long time and provide the best smoking experience. First, drain any residual tobacco ashes after each usage after gently removing the stem from the bowl. Make sure no residue is left inside the bowl by cleaning it with a gentle cloth or brush. Avoid cleaning with water or other substances, as they could harm the gourd.

The stem should next be cleaned by passing a pipe cleaner through it to remove any tar or debris that has accumulated. The pipe must completely dry on both sides before being put back together. Additionally, to keep the gourd’s gloss and prevent drying out, periodically add beeswax or carnauba wax to the exterior. Finally, to avoid damage, keep your calabash pipe in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.

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